I have created a page labled "Video Game Abbreviations". Mostly because I'm sick of people calling PS2s "PS/2"..... WHAAAT!? Where did that come from?! PS/2 is a port on your computer for your Mouse and/or Keyboard!!
BAAAAAAGH!!! I officially hate computers. One of my computers isn't working, so I have to resort to using my parent's PC......... Pfft, this thing isn't as good as my computer, but I'll figure out whats wrong with my computer eventually, and get it up 'n running.

Anywayz.... This computer doesn't have my scanner on it (For pics). Or the pics I've already uploaded. So for now I'm just gonna make the pages for cheat codes 'n what-not without pics.
Yaaays! I finally got the Xbox 360 problems page finished and posted.

This is one step closer to getting my "official" website. I just want to get all the pages up and functional, and have codes cheats for at least 100 games. Wish me luck!
I just put up mah new banner!!! It's a little bit cooler, less plain looking then the other one.
OMAHGAWD, I'm so late on my updates! E3 just happened, so I guess you guys want info on the new systems/games?? Here we go:
-The Wii U was announced (It will be released 2012)
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
-Mario Kart 3D (3DS)
 Cool, eh?
-Playstation Vita, Sony's new phone/PSP.

And today is my b-day. Yaay!