Apparently, Nintendo's latest console (The Nintendo 3DS) will include built in gyroscopes, pedometers, and accelerometers. Now those of you who are clumsy can see how fast your 3DS fell when you dropped it.... :/

 The 3DS will also supposedly contain two cameras on the outside, a video camera on the inside and be capable of 3-D pictures. Now, you may be thinking "Wow! The 3DS just keeps getting better and better" but if you ask me, it's starting to not look quite as good as it could. The battery life is one thing that's really got me on the fence. It's only good for 3-5 hours (Depending on settings) before it will die.
 Another problem is fingerprints. If you look at pre-release pictures of it, you'll see that there's usually a lot of finger prints over the mettalic surface. Not what you want on a $250.00 system. Now sure, you can download all ye olde classic GameBoy and GameBoy Color games, but the Nintendo 3DS uses money instead of points, like the DSi and Wii. So, for those of you without credit cards (Pretty much every one under the ages of 16-18) your pretty much out of luck.

Over all, sure, this system looks good on the outside, but on the inside....Well, idn't quite as good. But whatever. If your psyched about the 3DS, go buy it, play it up. Just keep in mind the information I've given you.