Link's Crossbow Training is well worth whatever you spend on it. The game is addictive, has graphics that makes 8-bit gamers from the 80's cry, and is a great value if you get it bundled with the Wii Zapper. If not, well, it's still an awesome game. 
    Basically you shoot targets through different levels and challenges. Each level has 3 challenges. The first challenge is usually a target shooting practice run, where you shoot from canoes, horse back, just plain ol' standing, etc; the second challenges are usually a defending game, where your standing in a fixed point and you can spin around and shoot different enemies coming towards you (Mummies, dragons, etc.); the thrid challenges are usually a free-roaming type challenge where you can move around and shoot enemies. It has an epic boss battle at the end, and uses a "medal" system that ranges from bronze, to silver, to gold.
    This game is a steal at $1.99 from GameStop for the game only. Around $15.00-$20.00 everywhere else with the Zapper.


Extra shootables: You can shoot more then just the targets in all challenges. There are several various pots, plants, scarcrows, and other objects scattered here and there that can get you extra points (Anywhere from 1 to 200)

Extra points in Occa Target Shooting: In Occa Target Shooting, normally if you shoot an Occa you lose 100 points. But if you shoot an Occa with a target, then shoot the target as it falls, you will get 300 points. 300 - 100 = 200. Which is worth a whole lot more then before.