Now, I was going to make a couple of seperate pages on solving DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS problems, but the fixes are so simple and quick, it wasn't really worth it. So, here's a page on different DS qualms and the solution!

Broken and/or not working L & R shoulder buttons: One of the most common problems, so I listed it first. The shoulder buttons can be fickle; sometimes theres grime under there that's easy to remove sometimes there's grime that's.... Not so easy to remove. Most people blow under their L&R buttons. Let me get one thing straight: DON'T DO IT. Your breath contains small amounts of moisture. Get enough of this stuff under there and you can short out your cirucuit boards (Which is why blowing fuses is another common problem with these things). Remember;  DO NOT BLOW UNDERNEATH YOUR L&R BUTTONS!!
The proper way to clean under your shoulder buttons is to take a dry toothbrush and start scrubbing under the buttons with the system off. (Please, use one of the cheap dollar store toothbrushes; not your old used ones. Or currently used, for that matter). Test. If the buttons still refuse to work, dip the toothbrush in water so that the bristles are slightly damp (No water should come out if you brush it against your hand). Then swab out the buttons. Usually this works. If not, go buy yourself a can of compressed air at Walmart, Radio Shack, heck I even found some at Big Lots. Squirt the air under the buttons.

DS won't read games: First I want you to blow lightly into the card slot of the system (There's not at much worry of stuff getting fried from the moisture in your breath up here). Then blow lightly on the DS card you're trying to use. Reinsert into the DS and test. Usually this fixes the problem. If not, again, scrub the inside of your DS card slot and DS game chip with a slightly damp or dry toothbrush or cotton swab.
 Now, if the the slot of the DS will read other games, just not one certain game, you may have to go to more extreme measures. Be EXTREMELY careful when you do this, but you can take a sharp knife or a screwdriver that doesn't leave metal scrapings behind, and chisel off the black gunk on the pins of a card (If any. If' there is no black, burnt pieces on the pins of a DS game card, do not attempt this technique).

Touch Screens have lost sensetivity overtime: It's happened to everyone; your touch screens have lost sensetivity over the hours of use. Probably one of the most simple fixes, go into System Settings, choose "Calibrate Touch Screen", then follow the on-screen instructions (Tap the red square as it travels around the screen). This will re-calibrate your touch screen so it's more sensative.

Scratched screens: Well, I just realised this should be at the top as the most common problem. I know of a couple of remedies for this, including:
-Wiping down your screen with rubbing alcohol on a lint free cloth, microfiber cloth.
-Buying a plastic polish. I prefer GameStop's Disk Skip Liquid, because it polishes and buffs out those nasty scratches.
-Lightly swipe a rubber pencil eraser across the scratch, aiming you rub down the plastic in the screen to "erase" the scratch. This may leave residue behind, so I suggest having some plastic polish on hand, or rubbing alcohol.
-Clean your screen, then apply screen protectors (bought on eBay, GameStop, Amazon, or any other reputible electronics retailer.Eventually, over time, the glue on the screen protecters will melt when it gets hot from the screens. The glue will become apart of the screen. Now, this a reliable way to fix your screen, but it takes a long time, possibly around a year or so (Luckily you won't see the scratches while the screen protectors are on)

Got qualms of your own with your DS or 3DS system? Send an e-mail to: In the subject line, put: DS qualms, or else I'll just completely ignore your message a possibly delete it (I get soo much fan mail).