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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES or Super Nintendo for short, was the best-selling 16-bit console, even with it's close competitor the Sega Genesis. And why not? Lufia, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World, Yoshi, and others are all great games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And need we mention the famous Super GameBoy? It was the first add-on to allow you to play GameBoy games on you T.V. Yup, it's a piece of history. From the Super GameBoy spawned the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack (Which allowed you to play Pokemon Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Yellow versions on the T.V. with the addition of Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2. More on that later), and the GameCube's GameBoy Player.
 As for problems, there doesn't seem to be one consitent problem. Sure, there'll be a few bent pins and contacts here and there, maybe a few dusty cartridges, sticky controllers, etc... But that's to be expected with any video game system you buy. The Super Nintendo is resilient system, for sure.

Ugh, I know I'm going to regret those words when a "fan" contacts us and says that he dropped his and it broke, or he sat on a cart and it snapped, or he lost his controllers deep-sea fishing. : /


Super Mario World
Super Metroid