Yaayz! Another repair page! :3 Lets begin:

Wii remote won't swing: Most likely, your accelerometer is jammed inside the remote. This happens alot if you abuse your Wii remote and drop it on the floor/throw it/bang it against stuff. This is an extremely simple fix. Simply hold the Wii remote face down in your hand (This works with Nyko Wand, Nyko Wand 2, Wii Remote Plus, PDP Aftershock, and pretty much all Wii remotes) and bang it against the plam of your hand. This frees up the accelerometer. Now, don't do this to anything else electronic or otherwise, this is pretty much the only time I'm going to tell you to do it, and even now do it gently so you don't bust it.

Wii remote won't sinc: I'm sick of seeing this everywhere: Reviews about Wii remotes (3rd party included), countless forums, answers sites, and probably more to come. Make sure your sensor bar is connected, people! And that you hold the sinc button on the Wii AND the Wii remote for 3 seconds while you point the remote at the sensor bar. It's that simple! Jeezum.... People talk about Nyko Wands and other 3rd party controllers not sinking: THEY DO SINK IF YOU PUT EFFORT INTO IT!!!!!

Wii won't read games: Whip out your trusty can of compressed air (What? You don't have one?! Go to Walmart and pick one up) and blast out the fan and the disk tray (Don't pry it open, just stick the straw in there and let loose a blast of air for about 5 seconds). You can also use a lens cleaning disc. Oh, also try cleaning the game you're using.

Wii won't work AT ALL: Did you download the HomeBrew channel? This is the reason for half of the WIi failures. Nintendo has bricked your Wii. Guess you shouldn't have hacked, hm?