I will not stop working on this site again

Now, lately with this site, sometimes I've been taking breaks that sometimes last weeks, and just when I get a lot of people on here (200 once). So from this point on, I will not stop working on this site. If I have to, I will get someone else to help out (I can do that now with Weebly's new feature). Soon I will be purchasing a domain name, so I can make this site easier to find.

Welcome to Games 'n' Junk!

Welcome to Games 'n' Junk, THE website for all of your video games needs and questions. We have nearly everything, from NES to Atari to Playstation to Xbox 360! Come take a look at the cheat codes, chat with friends in our chat box, read the website blog, or maybe try to figure out how to fix your broken video game in our repairs section?

PLEASE NOTE: This website is still under production. Feel free to browse this site, but remember that much more is on that way, and that the site may lag a bit while I work on it.