Mario Kart DS is a celebrated DS game that still sells many copies to this day. It was one of the first DS games to feature multiplayer Wi-Fi, it has superb graphics, and it features excellent controls.
    This game is so-so on a "new things" scale. I feature the same ol' battle mode, race mode, and multiplayer mode. The only thing that saves it from going down the crapper is customizable icons, Wi-Fi, DS download play features, and some new characters.


Head Start: Possibly one of the most well-known cheats, when you are starting a level at the starting line, hold down the "A" button halfway through the number 2 in the countdown. Release the "A" button for a head start. Holding the button down too early can cause your engine to backfire, resulting in lost time. It's all about timing.
Turbo-Power slide: Not really sure if that's the official title, but to do get a speed boost in the middle of a race without power-ups, hold down the "R" sholder button and rapidly press "LEFT" and "RIGHT" on the D-pad. When you get blue sparks under you, release the "R" button for a speed boost (It is best to do this around corners)