This is game is reqognized as one of, if not the, first first-person shooter games for a video game console. Nobody thought that video games systems could produce the graphics needed, prefering instead to use computers, but this game passed with flying colors and is still remembered today (There was even a remake made of it).
 As far as graphics go, this game gets a 10/10 for a game of it's time. This game has smooth, if not blocky graphics, that put Super Mario 64 to shame
For sound, this game gets a 9/10. The gun shots sound realistic, there is some voice acting, and theres even explosions (Which is a lot to say for a N64 game).
Controls are 10/10, mostly because you can set the controller for leftys and rightys (handed, that it).


Mad scientists!!!

On Secret Agent, 00 Agent, or 007 Agent mode, if you shoot a scientist in the legs twice, or if you shoot them once in the leg once in the arm (Just as long as it's two, non-lethal shots) the scientists will pull out DD44 Dostovei's and shoot at you. They will pretty much chase you around until you kill them. Do this to get extra ammo for your PP7, or just for the Dostovei itself. Sometimes they'll pull out hand grenades, so be wary of that.

This works on all levels that have scientists.

Scientist limit

As you know, on most levels with scientists, one of the objectives is "Limit Scientist Casualties". Which means you can't kill too many. How many can you kill? You can kill 2 scientists without penalty. If you use the cheat above, thats some more ammo for your PP7, or Dostovei.

Sniper rifle zoom

You can zoom in on the Sniper Rifle by pusing the C-Up button. You can zoom out by pressing the C-Down.

Hidden assault rifle

In the mission "Caverns" you can get a assault rifle normally by killing a soldier with one, but did you know theres another one, giving you double the assault rifle? Yep, there is. Play through the level until you get to the room where you would contact Jack Ward (The room with glass windows on the left and righ sides). Step onto the stairs infront of the place where you actually activate the radio. (After you take care of the bad guys). Go to the right hand side all the way until you get to the glass windows. There'll be a ton of wooden crates. Keep shooting them. You should find one that explodes, and a smaller wood crate pops out, then when that one is blown up, another crate comes out of it, and this continues until the box finally breaks open, revealing the assault rifle for your second hand.

Automatic Shotgun and RC-P90 in Caverns

In the level Caverns, get to the end of the level. Before you go into the elevator, kill everyone in the room, then turn around and run back down the silver tube. The blast doors will close, and then be re-opened by more of Trevelyan's men carrying Automatic Shot guns and RC-P90s. You can kill them and take the weapons, but more spawn out of nowhere land (No clue where).

Coolest cheat in the game

Okay, first go to the "Facility" level (Turn on the "Magnum" cheat first). Choose whichever dificulty you want. I prefer 00 Agent, but that's just me. Now, turn on the "Invincible" cheat (Coming soon to this page) then the "Max ammo" cheat (Also coming soon to this page). Now drop out of the ceiling duct and play the game. The only thing is, you don't need to worry about your objectives. Go ahead, load some scientists up with lead from your Cougar Magnum. Shoot Trevelyan. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that no one can hurt you. Now when your in the bottleing room, shoot Trevelyan (Or let Orumov do it. Dudn't matter to me). Break open the bottles. You should have a bunch of remote mines (10) with the max ammo cheat. Blow the bottles sky high! With the bottles blown, the entire room, the entrie Chemical Warfare Facility, will be flooded with green gas. Usually it will kill Bond if you stay in it too long, but with Invincibility on, you will never get hurt. Hords of soldiers will come into the room and start shooting you. Not a single bullet will hurt you. You can use Magnum, PP7 (Silenced), Dostovei, or KF7 Soviet. Doesn't matter. You can even just use your karate chops if you want.

You can just keep battling soldiers. As many as you want.

Here's a little challenge from us here at Games 'n' Junk. Try to shoot 200 soldiers with around 50% accuracy.