Weell, the DSi qualms page was a success, getting about 30 different people on that page alone. So, here's the page for all you Xbox 360 users:
-Lasers go bad: Pfft, this can happen with any system, really. But 360's seem more prone to it.... ANYWAYZ! Buy yourself a lens cleaning disc at GameStop, Best Buy, wherever. I even found some at Dollar Tree that are actually pretty decent. If that doesn't work, break out the compressed air (Or weak air compressor) and start cleaning out your system's fans. The dust can filter in and out over the laser, causing it to weaken and fall off track on the disc while it read.

-Red Ring of Death (RRoD): Omahgawd!! It's the Red Ring of Death!! RUN!! ----- But seriously, this is a problem that swept early versions of the Xbox 360. It was very easy to get; the motherboard was placed in the wrong area of the casing (Too far away from the cooling fan). When you played it for extended periods of time, the motherboard would get fried. Now, the thing is, nobody new what was happening to their systems for the first 6 months or so of the 360's release and owners kept sending in their systems to Microsoft. Eventually Microsoft admitted to the Xbox 360's faults, and extended the warranty on them. The newer systems (From late 2009 to 2011) don't usually get Red Ring of Death.
    The reason for the name? When this error happened, the Xbox would give you three red lights on the middle Xbox symbol ring on the front of the system.  The red lights would form a "ring", officially naming the dreaded problem.
     Fixing it is tricky buisness. Some people wrap a towel around their system, turn it on, and leave it there for, like, 5 minutes or so. Supposedly the increase in heat makes the thing work, if not for a short period of time. This is very dangerous, because you could actually fry everything else in your system besides the motherboard (Well, that too). You wanna replace your motherboard without killing it? But yourself a kit off of eBay. Just look up "RRoD fix". You may find some repair services, but you'll also find the at-home kits for around $10.00. The kits should make up of washers, thermal glue, and maybe someother doo-dads. Make sure it comes with instructions. Now, it may seem like a hoax, but it really works. How? Well, the kits seperate some of the components from the mother board, leaving a little bit of space to flow (Allowing the motherboard to get cooled down).

That's all for now. Remember, if you have a problem, contact me and I'll figure out a way to fix it.