Zachary Penguin - Random Videos and Rants

A blog my friend made. He has some interesting videos and posts. Check 'em out! is a website for all of you Pokemon players. If you play Pokemon and you  haven't heard of it, you need to get out ALOT more. has everything you could want on Pokemon, including a Google Earth-esque PokeEarth. They have a complete Pokedex on every Pokemon, their evolved forms, abillities, etc. Truly and amazing site.

VirtualNES, also called vNES for short, is a website dedicated to putting ROMS of game on the Internet for people to play using Java. Problem is, ROMS are illegal, unless you own the physical copy of the game, so vNES has to obey these laws and only publish games that they own. And they can't really track down ALL the NES games, so they need donations. So if you have some NES, Game Boy, or SNES games kickin' around (They also have vGBX where you can play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, and vSNES where you can play SNES  games) send them to the guys at VirtualNES.

Datel Action Replay's official site where you can get the codes, saves, and Action Replay's themselves. They also have troubleshooting guides for Datel products and more.

Pokemon Global Link website