System Info

Ah, the Xbox. It is Micrsofts first shot at gaming, and it worked. It was a commercial success, with over a million consoles shipped. The Xbox is more for older gamers, with games ranging from "E" to "E10+" (rated by the ESRB) a rarity, and games ranging from"T" to "M" in ratings (again, rated by the ESRB). This console is the first to have an internal flash memory, letting it save a TON of data without having to purchase a memory card. Yup, it's pretty awesome alright.
  Although the Xbox was revolutionary, it used to be, and still is, an eyebrow raiser for some. This system is known to "burn out", meaning the components and circuits on the inside over-heat and get damaged, most of the time beyond repair or use. Now, this isn't gaurenteed to happen to ALL Xbox systems, and you can take steps to avoid it:
1. As tempting as it may be, don't play into the wee hours of the morning with your buddies.
2. Keep clothes, and other materials off of the top of the system.
3. Put it into a place where it gets lots of open air circulation (I.E. Not crammed between a DVD Player and the wall of your entertainment center.
4. Put a fan on it after your done. A small table fan set on "high" should do nicely.

The Xbox currently sells for $50.00 at GameStop (refurbished model. Could poot out. Be careful, and save those receipts) and includes a controller. Supposedly the controller is a super cheap GameStop brand, so be wary.


Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2