Well, I'm getting flippin' sick of people giving video games improper abbreviations. So, allow me to show you all of the normal abbreviations (Not to mention official):
Playstation 2: Abbreviated "PS2". Not "PS 2" or "PS/2"..... PS/2 are ports on your computer, people. Just call the the "PS2". And there is no space between "Play" and "Station" on any Playstation models.
Playstation: Abbreviated "PS". Not "PS1" or "PSO" or "SPSO" <---- (That one I still don't get)
GameCube: Abbreviated "GCN"". Not "NGC" or "GC". Get it? Good. Also, in the GameCube's name, don't put a space between "Game" and "Cube.
Game Boy: Abbreviated "GB". Not "GB1", 'GBO", or anything else people have come up with. JUST "GB"..
Game Boy Advance: Abbreviated "GBA". Not "GB/A" or "NGBA".
Nintendo DS: Abbreviated "DS". Not "NDS". If you have any other version of DS, it gets a new letter, such as "DSL" or "DSi" (For DS Lite and DSi respectivley). Nintendo 3DS is abbreviated "3DS"
Xbox: The abbreviation for Xbox is just Xbox. But don't spell it "XBox" or "XBOX" 'cause that just looks stupid.
Xbox 360: Abbreviated "360". Not "X360" or "XB3". And it's "Xbox 360" not "XBox 360" or "XBOX 360". Got it? Good.