Games 'n' Junk creator

Name: Brad
Gender: Male
Age: Why should I tell you?
Area: Bremuda Triangle.
Favorite game: Pokemon Black Version (DS)
Currently playing: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Biography: I've wandered across Kanto, avoided giant turtle/dragon things in the Mushroom Kingdom, found a glowy-blue sword in Hyrule, saw a giant pile of bubblegum eat a bird in a red robe in Dreamland, flewn ontop of the spaceship of a fox with a scarf in outer-space, and watched a blue hedgehog collect rings and put them.......where? in green mountains. All in one week!

Lowely Games 'n' Junk scribe

Name:Funk Master Funky Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 22201
Area: Unova
Favorite game: Pokemon Black/White version (DS)
Currently Playing: Linux (Computer OS)
Biography: Whateverz