System Info

The GameBoy Color is Nintendo's and the world's first color handheld system. Sure, the screen was tiny and dull, but a Worm Light fixes that easily. It lacks the "contrast" switch from the original GameBoy, partly because of the GameBoy Color's small size and partly because that was a feature meant for a black and white screened system. Unlike it's older brother, the GameBoy, the GameBoy Color uses only 2 "AA" size batteries. It cannot, however, use the rechargable battery pack from the original GameBoy.
The GameBoy color is a good family system, I suppose, with games like Pokemon Crystal, Tetris (Yup, it can play original GameBoy games), and Super Mario Land. Want a little "hint" for all GameBoy systems (Including GameBoy Player) that can play GameBoy game and has a color screen? Press any arrow on the D-pad and the A or B buttons.  That will make your original GameBoy game that would be black and white a certain color scheme.


Winnie the Pooh Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods
Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Duel Stories
Pokemon Crystal
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Pokemon Puzzle League